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celebrating girlhood

I am particularly inspired by girlhood.  I love to portray the meaningfulness of all the rituals and joys of growing up femme that society mocks for being vain and silly.

I don't like to take myself too seriously and like to bring the spirit of playfulness and wonder to all I do. I like to make people laugh. My aesthetic sits at the intersection of the seemingly contrasting kidcore and slutcore aesthetics. 

I want to create art that celebrates femme joy. My art is inherently queer and my experience as a high femme queer woman is present implicitly in all I do. 

I experiment with lots of different mediums. Whether it be fashion, fine art, cosplay, etc, I like to bring art into all areas of life. 

Meet Maggie.
Artist. Maker. Fashion Girly. Icon


born to make

I come from a long line of creative souls- (as my grandpa would say, I got the "Colombo gene"). My family inspires and supports me everyday, and always made space for my creativity.


As a kid, I dreamed of being a fashion designer. While I temporarily abandoned these desires to pursue more traditional work,  after facing inaccessibility in the workforce as a disabled person, my life path inevitability brought me back. I always say- life is just a journey of finding your way back to who you were as a kid.  


the girl behind the art

I contain multitudes, I'm 32 flavors and then some, and my art represents so many lives and experiences within me.


I'm high femme. A bimbo. Queer. A Jersey girl. Disabled & Neurodivergent. A Britney fan. A bottle blonde. A dancer. A psych survivor. A 2000s girly. An avid Pretty Little Liars fan. Italian-American. A former teacher. A creative.


Why Manic Pixie

My art is about reclaiming those things for which femmes are ridiculed and being proud of them. 

When I was in college, I was bullied by my peers. They thought I was too femme, too curvy, and most of all too outspoken about violence on campus. From the moment I stepped on campus, I acquired a few nicknames- including the cheerleader, the blonde with the boobs, and manic pixie dream girl.

I felt like people using manic pixie dream girl to insult me perfectly sums up how women are punished for the way men objectify us. Because I had been objectified as a "muse" by misogynistic men, that somehow meant there was something wrong with me.

But there is nothing wrong with the manic pixie dream girl- she is joyful, she is imaginative, she is femme, she is adventurous, and she is truly unique to herself. The only thing wrong with the manic pixie dream girl is how the men view her.

So I choose to reclaim the words that have been used to minimize girls like me. With Manic Pixie Couture, I want to represent our joyful imagination living freely, unrestrained by the male gaze.

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