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Commissions are some of my favorite projects to work on as it allows me to express my creativity and work collaboratively to bring to life something you'll truly treasure.

Commissions are only limited to your own imagination. Please contact me to share your ideas and we will discuss if it is the right fit!

**Please note that not all commission requests are accepted. We will work together and consider time, budget, and style before deciding to move forward with a piece.

oil painting

Commissions vary in price based on many factors. Most commissions will need to be discussed and priced on a case by case basis. However, below are listed the price packages for some standard commissions

oil sketch on paper... starting at $65 for 5"x7"

basic Portrait on canvas... starting at $130 for 8"x10"

Family portrait on canvas... starting at $200 for 16"x20"

figurative/still life
 on canvas... starting at $100 for 8"x8"

Mini Canvas... Starting at $80 for 4"x4"


Applique artworks can be commissioned starting at $10/each for a mini canvas or $35 for a 6inch hoop. Price may vary with changes in size, complexity, or materials.


Textile commissions incorporate materials such as fabric, embroidery, and beadwork. I use such materials to create abstract or figurative designs which are mounted in an embroidery hoop or on a canvas for easy wall hanging. These artworks can also be stitched into apparel or accessories if desired.

personalized scrapbook

Please view the scrapbooking page for more information.

1-4 pages.... $30/page
5-9 pages...$25/page
10-19 Pages...$20/page
20+ pages...$15/page


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