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Donate your Empty BC Packs

to  Pretty Things x Maggie

Your trash can benefit both abortion access and support a queer disabled artist all at once!

I transform real empty birth control packets into glittery packs (aka Yass pills). As I only produce 1 empty BC pack every 3 weeks myself, I depend on donations of empty bc packs to keep making these! 15% of proceeds go to abortion funds while the rest helps me pay the copay on my own reproductive care!

I would like to donate my empty bc packs

Thanks! Message sent.


1. you let me know you're sending it

Fill out the form above so I know to expect your packs.

2. You gather all of your/your friends'  empty bc packs

Please make sure you take all your bc and only send me your empty package! I can only accept unbroken packages (the foil can be broken, but the plastic must still be intact). To save on postage and packaging waste, I love when people send multiple packs at once.

3. you mail your bc to my po box

Please pack your BC packs in a bubble mailer or some other protective packaging.  If you cannot pay for postage yourself, I may be able to cover the cost but please talk to me before sending if that is the case.

The mailing address is PO Box #252, 1693 Blawenburg Road, Blawenburg NJ 08504. You can also drop them off with me at one of my vendor fairs if you're local.

4. i make your bc into something new!

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