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from Manic Pixie Couture

All your memories in 1 beautiful book.

Everyone loves a good scrapbook!! But making them is a lot of work, and we don't all have the supplies, time, or desire to make a whole scrapbook ourselves.

Enter Maggie!

I will create a scrapbook especially for you, using your own pictures, tickets, invitations, and any other keepsakes. Help me transform your memories into a beautiful book that you and your family can treasure forever!


1. you let me know you want a scrapbook

You'll let me know what style you're looking for, any deadlines you have, and how many pages you're hoping for

2. we exchange photos

You can either mail me your photos and keepsakes that you would like included, or you can send them to me digitally and I will print them for you.

3. i create something special

I will use my stash of craft supplies, your photos, and lots of love to create a scrapbook full of memories just for you!


I will mail your completed pages back to you (or arrange pickup if you are local). I can provide it in a book, or if you already have a book, I will send the pages along in a screen protector


Not Your Shutterfly Book

I will not put your photos into a digital template, or put them into a photo album page. The scrapbook is created with real paper, stickers, and embellishments. Yes, glue dots and all!


1. Will my personal photos be shared with anyone else?

The only one manipulating and taking care of your photos. I will not share them with anyone else.

While I do share my other artwork on social media, I take a different level of care with my scrapbooking since it includes personal photos. If you see photos online of my past work, that likely means those are pages I created for me and my friends/family, and all those in the photos have consented to their photos being shared. 

2. I would love a scrapbook, but i don't have many pictures.

That's okay! I am very creative. I can use keepsakes- such as tickets, playbills, school drawings, etc. I can also showcase information, such as your baby's birth statistics, or your various relationship milestones.

3. how long does it take to create a scrapbook?

Production time varies. I typically will ask you to allot your total page amount x  3 days (once I have received the photos). If you have a deadline, I can do my best to work around it.

4. how many photos do you need per page?

That can depend on many factors- are the photos all similar? Are they of the same event/theme, or different? I typically use between 1 and 4 photos per page, but sending more than that is helpful as it gives me choices. I may not use all of the photos you send me- if there are any photos that you definitely want included, I will just ask you to let me know and I will include them.


1+ pages.... $30/page
5+ pages...$25/page
10+ Pages...$20/page
20+ pages...$15/page


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